On 3 June, 2021, Huarong International completed the payment of the 5-year US$900 million bonds issued on 3 June, 2016, and the funds for the principal and interest payments were fully transferred to the designated account.

  China Huarong has always conscientiously fulfilled its debt repayment obligations in a responsible manner. From 1 April to 3 June, China Huarong and its subsidiaries repaid a total of 36 maturing domestic and overseas bonds on time, which amounted to the  equivalent of RMB32.056 billion (at the exchange rate for 31 March) and included 3 overseas bonds, or S$600 million, US$300 million and US$900 million, respectively, and 33 domestic bonds (including deposit certificates of Huarong Xiangjiang Bank) totaling RMB21.456 billion.

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